About Us

We’re here to address our community’s needs. Together, we strive for positive change by:

  • Demanding improved service delivery from all levels of our municipality.
  • Building strong connections with municipal officials and neighboring communities facing similar challenges.
  • Holding our public representatives accountable and championing transparency.

Milnerton Central Residents Association is a registered non-profit company (2023-05-02-db6c146).

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To make Milnerton clean, safe, and affordable and to provide civil oversight of the City of Cape Town in order to make sure its limited resources are well-used through demanding greater accountability and transparency in all its activities.


This Milnerton Central Residents Association will actively participate in all public participation processes as described in the Municipal Systems Act, the Municipal Finance Management Act and any other public processes that have a direct impact on local government.

This MCRA will promote communication with ward councillors, ward committees and municipal officials who have a responsibility to the residents of this area to improve and consistently deliver a high level of service delivery as well as to provide and maintain sound infrastructure.

Our Team

Bouwe van der Eems

Caroline Marx
Environment Portfolio

Liete van der Eems

Walter Schwar
Communications and Website support