City Feedback 13 03 23

Milnerton Lagoon Quarterly Meeting Feedback Requested: Monday, 13/03/23

In the interest of a constructive meeting, we kindly request 5–10 minute feedback on each specific question with timelines and a maximum of 3 slides (please avoid lengthy technical PowerPoint presentations or PR presentations) with ample time for questions afterwards.

  1. Short-term plan to prevent the sandbag barrier at the Erica Road outlet (opposite Milnerton High) from overflowing with stinking effluent during rain?
  2. Plan to eliminate the need for over-pumping to the sewer at the Erica Road outlet by intercepting the flow higher up?
  3. Short-term plan and timeline for preventing the continuous flow of polluted water from the Theo Marais canal (next to Theo Marais sports club) into the Diep River?
  4. Expected levels of ammonia, suspended solids, and chemical oxygen demand in 2023 and the targeted achievement date, given the noncompliance of Potsdam effluent in 2022, causing ecosystem damage?
  5. Plan to remove solid waste in the river catchment above Potsdam and measures to prevent downstream contamination (e.g., litter nets, etc.)?
  6. Remediation plan to address the foul stench over the Lagoon area on some days?
  7. Remediation plan to remove toxic silt incompatible with aquatic life in the Milnerton Lagoon, enabling the return of wildlife?
  8. City’s progress toward meeting the Potsdam WWTW completion date of 31/08/2025, as stipulated in the modified directive?
  9. City’s progress toward meeting the Montague Gardens bulk sewer upgrade, aiming to minimize spills into the Theo Marais Canal, by the completion date of 30/06/2025, as stipulated in the modified directive?

It has been 3 years post the March 2020 pre-directive, and we eagerly anticipate constructive feedback, such as “What will happen and by when.” Please join us in future feedback meetings, bring a friend, bring a book, but be part of ensuring public accountability.

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